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  • One of the trickiest things about influencer marketing is actually defining what an influencer looks like.
  • The basic premise is: an influencer is a person that has the trust, loyalty, and attention of their (often niche) audience. They can influence their audience to click, read, buy, or subscribe based on their recommendations. 
  • While there are lots of content creators online, influencers differ because they have the power to convert their audience into engaged followers or buyers for your brand or product. 
  • Influencers have their own audience that hangs on every word they say, regardless of which social media platform that is taking place on. You can have LinkedIn influencers, YouTube influencers, and Instagram influencers—the latter being popular with B2C brands. 
  • They can also produce various types of content, hence why you might see them called bloggers, vloggers, or streamers.


Types of Influencers

  • Nano influencers have less than 1,000 highly-engaged followers
  • Micro influencers have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers
  • Macro influencers have between 100,000 and a million followers
  • Mega influencers have more than a million followers 


How do we run an effective influencer marketing campaign?

  • Find the right influencers to partner with
  • Choose the right social networks
  • Work with your budget
  • Make a personal approach
  • Have a solid agreement in place
  • Have a plan, but be open to creativity
  • Use influencer marketing as part of a wider campaign
  • Know the rules


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