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Make instant impact with your brand reputation online!

The world has advanced in many ways and the means of communication has increased manifold. But still, the best way to spread the good name of a company or brand is word of mouth. Although there are several social media, websites and other advanced ways to communicate, it will take quite a bit of time for them to percolate into the deepest of the society. Till then, more than 90% of customers interact by the word of mouth.

In order for a company to come to the mind of an individual with the word go, it needs to have a good reputation. Amidst growing prices of advertising, it is becoming increasingly difficult to spend for building a reputation. There are also competitors who are also practising ambush marketing and negative publicity to show a brand as bad! To fight all of that, even the big corporations need expertise that comes only from specialised services.


Spread Good Reputation, Keep Cost Low

In order to spread the good reputation and yet spend less in it, TV advertising is not suitable. They charge highly for ads and even they are expensive to make. Rather, going the online route is simpler. Here, one can make ad films through experts at low costs and spread them with our help. At Affiliate Network in India, Best CPL, CPI, CPA, CPS Affiliate Network - Influencer Marketing Company, we are committed to providing our clients with the best of online reputation management. Our gamut of services spread across many spheres of the expertise required, like placing the company’s name strategically on social networks, increasing the SEO ranking, and many more.

Services That We Have Expertise in Brand Management

We help in more than one ways to improve the reputation of our clients, like:-


  • Drafting ORMs for social networks.
  • Repeated flashing of updates concerning client brand name on FB, Twitter, etc.
  • Analysing SEO keywords and incorporating them in our reputation management services so as to improve online visibility.
  • Specialised services for topmost brands.


We make sure our clients have their viewership improved many times through regular analyses of online search engines, social networks and media.

How much penetration possible through social media?

This is a valid question for most of our brands. But we have to accept the fact that the number of people on social media is increasing day by day and even elderlies are coming on board. It thus indicates a growing sector which cannot be ignored for brand management service.

Many of the elder lies look to the youngsters of the family to learn about the latest features of a product or a service. So, online reputation management services play an important role in spreading the good name through the younger generation.

We are the best online reputation management company in India where the concept is new. That is in fact the biggest advantage for our clients since the more a sector is in its nascent state, the more are the opportunities in it for making an impact. We are the ORM Company in India that pioneer in this field and especially are helpful for the low cost start-ups of the country.




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